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We get asked daily, what else do I need to know to get started in kettle corn??? We have decades of experience in popping kettle corn and meeting all local and state requirements. Here are some of the basic supplies needed to setup a kettle corn booth. If you have any other questions, we will direct you in the right direction!

Remember, we do not make money from referring you to any of these vendors, and have no special arrangements with them. Their offerings may change, so check carefully what you are purchasing before spending your hard earned money.

The Basics of an Outdoor Kettle Korn Booth:

Popup Canopy: This is the basic structure of your booth and will contain most of your kettle korn operation. We recommend using a 10ft by 10ft canopy to have adequate space for operating and storing your supplies. We have found E-Z-Up ( to be the best in quality and durability, but it comes at a cost! Stay away from the “personal” versions unless you are the only person operating it and plan on being extremely careful. They just break! We use the Encore II as they are light and strong, but heavy on the wallet. Once you know the model you want, shop around and ask for discounts. They are out there! No matter which structure you go with, be sure it is Fire Resistant and meets “CPAI-84 Requirements”. It will save lots of headaches with fire departments.

Tarp Floor Covering: To make cleaning up easy and to keep event organizers and property owners happy, we recommend using a 10ft by 12ft tarp. Costco has a two pack that is affordable, but they can also be found at any large hardware store. Also, some health departments require a “clean, sweepable surface” for temporary event booth setups.

Stools and foodboard: Placing a 12″ by 8ft board on a few well placed stools is a great way to store your bulk food off the ground (and make the health department happy!) Get a canvas and cover the food for a more polished look! And remember, the more food you store, the more stools you need!

Banner: put your company name and “KETTLE KORN” big and proud and watch the customers flock to the booth. Who doesn’t love Kettle Korn. Order a table drape for your sales table at the same time. Tip: check you local regulations for requirements on displaying your legal contact information (ie legal name, address, phone, etc.) as may be required by law and work that information into the banner or table drape.

Sales table: a folding table works well for this for obvious reasons. Get a table drape with your company name on it to match your banner, for a finished look.

Health station setup: These requirements vary by location, so check with the health department in the areas you plan on operating. They typically include: enough fresh water to wash hands, soap, paper towels, soapy water for cleaning utensils, sanitizing solution for utensils, and fresh rinse water for utensils, along with a container to catch waste (or grey) water.

Popcorn: We recommend using a popcorn with 100% or a high percentage blend of “mushroom” or round ball-like kernals. Currently we recommend “Magic Mushroom” ( but have used brands like Weaver also…

Sugar and Oil: We use and recommend soybean oil for our kettle korn because of flash point, the neutral flavor that lets the corn flavor come out, the health aspects of the oil compared to the alternatives.,, or any local “Cash and Carry” type restaurant supply store

Scoops, paddles and food containers: Any local restaurant supply should have all the scoops and accessories needed for running a successful kettle korn operation. They can also be found online at restaurant supply houses like: Instawares (, katom (, Acemart (, etc. Prices vary so look around.

Bags: Poly bags at least 1 millimeter in thickness is recommended for kettle korn. We use a scale of bags that the medium is twice the size of the small and the large is twice the size of the medium. This range displays well and gives customers incentive to upsize the order if you price it right! There are many sources for poly bags, but until you get volume and a print job, stick to stock sizes to save money. Try Dawn Foodservices, or a bakery or restraunt supply distributor….

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