Kettle Korn Popcorn Equipment

Mann Made Kettle Korn popcorn equipment for great tasting corn

Kettle Popcorn Equipment to get your business poppin'! Call (707) 745-4767 /


Why Kettle Korn?

This is the question that we hear the most from people looking to get into the kettle korn business. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite reasons below. If you are already a kettle korn pro and have some good reasons to add, let us know .

Make Money

This is everyones favorite reason. Our Kettle Korn equipment can produce large volumes of kettle korn — fast. You get to turn around and sell that popcorn for cash!

Be successful by utilizing the 5 SENSES!

A well run kettle korn operation will utilize the 5 senses of the customer so they can: Smell, Hear, See, Touch, and Taste kettle korn. In turn, the kettle korn will then sell itself… (yes, you still have to pop, bag and take the money!)

Pop only what you sell!

With fast turn around time and big batch sizes, you can match production to sales and minimize waste. Plus, the ingredients store well, so what you don’t pop, you can store for the next time.

Growing in popularity and becoming a staple!

Kettle Korn is a product that people know and love! As more locations around the country (and world!) add kettle korn vendors with fresh kettle korn, the customers base and demand for kettle korn grows. This in turn, encourages more locations and even more growth. This is an exciting time in kettle korn, and everyone wins with great food and great sales!

Work Outdoors and in Fun Friendly Work Atmosphere’s

When people get together in groups, we like to have fun. That’s where kettle korn happens! Whether a festival, event, fundraiser, or parade; this is where people go to relax, be happy, and buy fresh kettle korn!

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